As I Am Darkness, I Am Light

'As I Am Darkness, I Am Light' - Written by Alexandria Kemp

Acknowledge me now
For I am here.
I am merely a reflection 
Of your fear.
Of your darkness
Of all of your hurt
Now is not the time
For you to run and desert.

Because I, darkness, am here
Can you really not see?
What happened in the election
Is merely a reflection of me.

He did not appear 
Out of thin air
But was created
By the despair
That guards each one of our hearts
Our wounds
Our scratches
Our scars.

Don’t deny me,
Don’t deny me,
And point your finger the other way.
I live within you too
No matter what you try to say.

Feel me,
See me,
Acknowledge who I am
For I will always be there,
The shadow and the light.

Allow yourself to feel.

Understand why I am here.

Go within,
Dive deep,
Don’t let the severity of this time
Make you go to sleep.

This is a call to action.
This is a call to rise.
This is a call to do the work necessary
To make our hearts alive.

As I am darkness
I am light.

Come with me,
Come with me.

The sun is shining
The birds are singing
The mother has not stopped
Flowing her flow.

For every day
Is a new chance,
For every day we have a choice.
Do we listen to our shadow?
Or give our inner light a voice?

I am calling,
I am calling.

Step up,
Reach out,
We can no longer resist,
We must all come together,
Not stand and shake our fist.

We will rise,
We will rise.

For we are the peaceful people
Of tomorrow
For we are the peaceful people
Of today.
For we are the peaceful people
Who choose to go within
Then come together to say:

“We choose light”.

Transmuting our shadow from within,
There will be no inner battle,
That we cannot win.

We are forgiven
We are forgivers
We are not captive,
But set free.
Now it’s time to rise
And hold the hands
Of every member in our family
No matter the color
No matter the gender
No matter the status, finances, or skin
The diversity of our people
Will always be what wins.

Now we rise,
Now we rise,
No longer captives of our demise.

Together, we are.
Together, we stand.
Together, we rise.

For you,
my love,
are a being of light
and of darkness
all in one beautifully packaged
human being.